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You are a team of outstanding engineers, have a promising business idea, and, ideally, a running prototype to showcase your capabilities? You just lack the capital and experience to create a class-defining product? We may be able to help you. We have been through this while making our own company, think-cell, one of the most profitable software companies in Germany.

Usually, we engage with tech startups quite early in "angel" stage. We focus on software that is based on proprietary technology and has the potential to lead a certain product category, even if this category might look like a niche to other investors. Also, we tend to like bootstrapped companies.

To get us interested, just send us a one-pager on who your team is, what kind of problem you address, why this problem is relevant, and how your technology can solve it. If we like your proposal, we will invite you to a short remote presentation.

We hope for your understanding that we cannot sign NDAs before reading your proposal and that we often do not have the time to explain why we will not proceed with it. Rest assured that we won't steal your idea, because we know how hard it is to make an idea become a great product.



Do you work on a publicly funded basic or clinical research project that has shown potential to help patients? Your new therapeutic approach or diagnostic test is ready to be pursued further, but you could use financial and operational backing to protect your intellectual property and to advance your discovery from bench to bedside? Then we can help and would like to hear from you.

We engage with medical biotechnology projects at a very early stage, usually even before most would consider starting a company. We can guide you through the process of founding your own startup, negotiating a balanced IP and research agreement with your institution, protecting your findings with US and EU patents and financing your ongoing research to help advance your discovery to enter clinical trials.

If this sounds interesting to you, simply send us a one-pager describing your team and your institution, the medical problem you are treating with relevant publications, and a rough sketch of your idea that just reveals enough that we can understand your approach. We will then review your results and market potential, and get back to you with our thoughts.

If we see the potential for a mutually beneficial collaboration, we will invite you to give a detailed and confidential remote presentation and take it from there.


Real estate

We are constantly looking for developed and undeveloped properties with a purchase price of at least 2 Million Euros and no upper limit. We consider single properties as well as portfolios.

While we have a track record of successfully developing residential buildings and still consider undeveloped properties for new apartment buildings in Berlin and its surrounding, we currently mainly focus on industrial properties for logistics and light production all over Germany. We also facilitate sale-and-leaseback deals for industrial property owners.

Since all purchases are made with our own funds, we can act very quickly and close within a few days when structured as an asset deal, and within a few weeks in case of a share deal.

Even if you are unsure whether your property fits into the above-mentioned scope or a deal seems too complicated because of scattered ownership or legal issues, feel free to contact us. We are experts in working our way through complex cases where other investors often hold back.


General questions

In case of any general questions feel free to contact us at

denkapparat GmbH
Leipziger Str. 51
10117 Berlin

+49 30 666473-10