About us

Analytical and hands-on at the same time.

denkapparat is a private holding and investment firm founded by Berlin-based serial entrepreneurs Markus Hannebauer and Arno Schödl. We strongly believe in quality of team and technology and invest in software, biotechnology and real estate and biotechnology working with a network of handpicked partners. The core and main fund source of our portfolio is think-cell—the global leader in charting software for Microsoft PowerPoint.

Executive team

Dr. Markus Hannebauer
Chief Executive Officer

Markus co-founded think-cell in 2002 and denkapparat in 2016. Apart from his role as Chairman of the think-cell group of companies, at denkapparat, he is responsible for all operational, financial and legal aspects of the firm. He also advises our portfolio companies on operations, sales, marketing, intellectual property and finance.

Arno Schödl, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer

Arno co-founded think-cell in 2002 and denkapparat in 2016. He spends most of his time as CTO of think-cell and, in addition, advises our portfolio companies on all aspects of technology, engineering, hiring and quality management. He is also a well-known speaker on software design and programming at conferences world-wide.

Matthias Bahr
Chief Investment Officer

Matthias started investing with Markus and Arno in 2010 and joined denkapparat as CIO in 2016. He has a strong focus on real estate, constantly analyzing, pre-selecting and closing deals and running a majority of our real estate companies as Managing Director. He also co-invests with denkapparat funds.


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